What is Nail Art (Tirnakmatik) ?
The machines that print the desired patterns or photos in seconds onto the nails is called as Nail Art Nailmatic.
You can print the pictures that you download via internet or transferred from  anywhere else onto the nails.
The patterns, that are printed with NAILMATIC that is  working with the Lexmarkcolor 27 cartidge, are durable as common nail polishes and could just be erased with acetone.

The cost of printing onto10 nails to the customer is 20$ and 10 nails costs around 0.5 Cent to you.  That is to say this low-consuming machines just have first-purchase cost and then they do not cost anything to you. Also everybody can fix the machine as well as changing its expending materials.

The most useful, the most stable and the highest resolutioned machines are Tirnakmatic.

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