Frequently asked questions(FQA) and all your wonders about nail art machines.

  1. What is Nail Art (TIRNAKMATIK) ?
    The digital machines that  print the desired pattern or photo onto nails are connected to your computer . It can completely transfer all the pictures in your computer onto nails by the camera in it. A new work field is getting available for entrepreneurs.

  2. How many models of tirnakmatik are there in stock and what are the specifications of each one? 
    We have 4 models. 
    Model F1: Paints each  nail individually, the printing quality is the same as the other models and paints 1 nail in 15 seconds. 
    Model F5 :  Paints nails in a group of 5 . Contains foot nail printing aparate. Also able to print on materials ( flowers, cell phones, etc.)
    Model CF5: Computer added version of the model F5. What you just need is screen, keyboard and mouse.
    Model FA3: This model is just for dressing flowers. Paints in a group of 3.


  3. What is the cost of printing and the customer price?
    The cost of print onto 10 nails is 0.50$ to you. The customer price is 15$ to 10 nails. The point you get is that the job is a complete profit. The machine does not cost anything to you except the purchase price.

  4. What is the durability of the printing? Is it getting removed with water/in water?
    It is as durable as a common nail polish and could be removed with acetone. Water does not give any harm to the printing.

  5. How many patterns are available to print with the TIRNAKMATIK?
    2 pattern catalogues are available with the NAILMATIC and   more than 1600 patterns are available in these. Also our machines add the pictures you transfer via internet or anything else automatically to the catalogue.
    TIRNAKMATIK is not different then a computer printer.You can print every picture, pattern or text  in your computer onto nails.

  6. Does TIRNAKMATIK have a warranty? Are the other documents available?
    The TIRNAKMATIK has 2 years of warranty. CE, FCC and TSE certificates and all acceptance and test reporst are available as well.

  7. Do you also have consignment to abroad?
    Yes, as well as urgent consigmenting with DHL, FEDEX and Common Post Service we are also able to export with truck, ship and airplane.

  8. Why must I purchase from you?
    Because we just focus on this job and we have 21 professional service branch offices in 7 cities at sum.
    We give 2 years of  warranty, full service and support  to TIRNAKMATIK.
    As a sum , you face face with the name that  you trust since 1990  and this name will be present.
    We do our best to serve you 7 days and 24 hours long  on MSN, SKYPE, Phone and Mail services.
    As well as sending new patterns to our customers over our internet site, we also serve all the new improvements and surprise gifts/promotions to the owners of TIRNAKMATIK.

  9. Which model do you suggest, why?
    I suggest the Model F5; because it can paint 5 nails at the same time , its software and patterns are upgraded everytime. It can also print onto foot nails, and with its aparate it can also print onto materials and flowers.

  10. What comes with TIRNAKMATIK ? Which expense materials are available ?
    CLICK for the materials and expenses comes with TIRNAKMATIK that are specially prepared  for you with the difference of TIRNAKMATIK .


  11. How many nails does a cartidge print onto?
    It prints onto 1000 nails. The TIRNAKMATIK uses Lexmarckcolor27 ink cartidge. The cost of 1 cartidge is 20$ and can be found everywhere.

  12. Do you give distributorship? What are the consequences of this?
    Yes , we give distributorship. If there is no distributor in the country you live and if you could fulfill our distribution ratio/quota, you could have the distributorship.

  13. From How long you make this job ?
    Since 1990

  14. How can I buy?
    Credit Card / Cash / LC
    You do money order to the bank account  number we give and you tell us the desired address that the cargo/consignment will be sent. The consignment/cargo is handled in 5 days to whereever you are in the world.